Convergent VS Divergent Thinking

Hello! It's been a while since we last connected and a lot has transpired in the world of string playing AND at Savage Fiddler! One of the biggest developments is that I have a band that performs both in it's own right AND as accompaniment for the method! That means anywhere I go as a [...]

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So You Want to be a Musician? April 2016

Over the next few months, we will be shifting the focus of this blog every so slightly in the direction of young people and those in our readership who are contemplating taking their musicianship to a professional level. We will call this series, “So…You Want to be a Musician?” In it, we will feature a myriad [...]

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Outreach Performances! March 2016

Annie has recently partnered with the Colorado Bluegrass Music Society to produce highly energetic informed performances with the help of a crew of professional bluegrass musicians, bringing you and your students the very best in performance AND education. Each session can be adapted to fit YOUR schedule and classroom needs. Annie has 15 years of [...]

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Yes: July 2014

Improvisation. It’s a buzz word in most string education programs and has even begun to worm it’s way into those beginning of the year public school music department meetings. But what does it really mean? Yesterday I taught a lesson to a student who is pretty advanced. He can play in tune, shifts accurately, is [...]

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It’s a Thing of Beauty: June 2014

I spent the last month teaching and touring on the east coast. It's a gift to have these outings really. Life can get into a habit of itself and it is a good thing to break it. Play new music with other folks, eat different food, walk new trails. Get unfamiliar. Often, these trips provide [...]

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Finding Your Tribe: May 2014

How many of you have had the good fortune of working with a musical mentor? Someone who had the time and patience to sit with you and run tune after tune, passing on their unique sense of musicality to you over time. If you have, you probably remember this person in great detail. Playing music [...]

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Notes from the Road: Feb 2014

One of the big reasons I love to teach is the openness with which young people perceive their world. As a student at the Interlochen Arts Academy, I was lucky enough to have a professor who felt it necessary to share the philosophies of Joseph Campbell with all of his students. I learned a lot [...]

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