Shady Jig Full Score

Billy in the Lowground Full Score

Angeline the Baker Full Score

What Child is This Jig Full Score

Here are a few sample scores that have been used in classrooms like yours! We would love to visit your program and teach these tunes or a variation of another tune you prefer! The following is available to you and in many cases, matching funds can be accessed to help you bring the love of fiddling to your students!

*A 5 piece professional bluegrass band will teach and accompany your students

*A seasoned classroom teacher of 15 years will teach specific fiddle techniques to your students, covering all national standards for teaching music and bringing great excitement and new skills to your classroom!

*We may be available to accompany your ensemble in performance! This is an add-on fee to our classroom session. More information can be found here: Menu/Pricing of Outreach Services

Email Annie here to inquire about prices, time frames, booking and to request a full list of titles that can be arranged for all traditional stringed instrumentation, including harp and guitar parts!