The Savage Hearts

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Annie Savage: Fiddle/Vocals
Nancy Steinberger: Fiddle, Vocals
Kit Simon Dobro, Guitar
Kevin Slick: Guitar, Mandolin
Keith Summers: Bass

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The Savage Hearts peeking out of a curtain

The Savage Hearts are the newest bluegrass band on Colorado’s musically innovative Front Range. Featuring string pedagogue Annie Savage along with friends Kit Simon, Kevin Slick, Nancy Steinberger, Keith Summers and many more, they specialize in providing high energy performances and educational outreach wherever they roam, inviting professionals and students alike to join in their fiery Route 66-flavored honky tonk and bluegrass shows.

Their upcoming album, Playing it Forward, will feature guest fiddlers from the mountains of the west to the studios of Nashville. Multiple fiddles have long been a hallmark of bluegrass. We call this brand of fiddle music twin fiddling, or “twiddling!”. The album will feature a mix of sangin’ songs and standard fiddle tunes- some traditional, some a little Latin flavored and some just straight up honky tonk. What makes this album special? This album will feature kids and pros in the same studio- playing it forward- together! All against a backdrop of your favorite spicy southwestern bluegrass band, the Savage Hearts! Viva!

“Did you know the Savage Hearts have more than 50 years of combined classroom and workshop teaching in their bag? Click here for more information about how to bring the Savage Hearts into your classroom, festival or camp! High energy instruction for all bluegrass and stringed instruments!

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