Savage Hearts’ “Playing it Forward”


Annie’s debut album, “Playing it Forward” features former Jeff Scroggins and Colorado bandmates Greg Blake, Jeff Scroggins, Ellie Hakanson and award winning fiddler Becky Buller on this stellar bluegrass and western swing album recorded at Etown Studios and mastered by the great David Glasser at Airshow! You will love the strong twin fiddle tracks and excellent vocal stylings of the Savage Hearts (Kevin Slick, Kit Simon and Bianca Bentz) on this highly charged southwestern bluegrass album!



With this order, you are supporting the band AND getting first dibs on what promises to be a national release chock full of GREAT music and guest appearances by folks like Becky Buller, Jeff Scroggins, Greg Blake, Ellie Hakanson and students of the Savage Fiddler Method! This thing is HOT! 10 tracks mastered by Airshow and hitting radio stations after our very special release at the International Bluegrass Music’s WORLD OF BLUEGRASS on Friday, September 30! You will receive your SIGNED COPY BY Oct 1!! ORDER IT TODAY!

Check out a track here: Savage Heart’s Twin Fiddles on “Age”

Track notes:

1. Age 2:59 (Jim Croce and Ingrid Croce; Croce Publishing)- (Tempo) Featuring Annie’s inspiring vocal styling along with her former Jeff Scroggins and Colorado bandmate, Greg Blake (on harmony or Picking?) , this track shines with the blend of folk and bluegrass sensibilities that are a hallmark of the southwestern bluegrass sound. Twin fiddles round out the track as a friendly nod to the Bluegrass Album Band.

2. Compadres of the Sierra Madres 3:48 (Paul Chrisman, Buck Music) –(Tempo) A little Latin, a little western swing and a whole lot of fire! This route 66-flavored swing number features Annie’s lead vocals with Anderson Sister style harmonies set against the always thoughtful and fiery playing of national banjo champion, Jeff Scroggins. Sriracha infused bluegrass with a kick!

3. El Cumbanchero 3:15 (Rafael Hernández Marín, Peer International Corp.) – This hard driving Puerto Rican folk song seamlessly blends with a bluegrass sensibility. We feature Jeff Scroggins picking banjo on this one and man is it hot hot hot! Hoo buddy! Better strap in! Annie and up-and-coming-fiddler-on-fire, Ellie Hakanson hold the reigns on this unique arrangement of a Latin-inspired favorite!

4. Heaven on Earth 3:16 (Kevin Slick, NuVuDu Music) –(Tempo) Not your typical “she done me wrong” country love song! Kevin wrote this Americana style love song for the band and he says, “it often seems easier to write about being sad, like when a love has left you or cheated or something like that. I wanted to write something happy.” The arrangement on this on this uplifting track features Dobro and fiddle! For the record, the song was written with one specific kiss in mind.

5. Faded Love 3:52 (Bob Wills/John Wills, WB Music Corp.)- (Tempo, style?) Annie first learned this iconic song for her grandpa at age 10. She’s played it all over the world and wanted to honor him with the best version of it she could record, so she dialed up good friend and fellow educator/performer, Becky Buller and asked her to sit in. After hearing the (adjective) tracks that her award- winning guest recorded on this triple fiddle number, we wept openly. Rounded out by Greg Blake’s(adjective) vocals, this one is a timeless classic. Grandpa Frank approved!

6. I’m Workin’ on a Building/Old Time Religion 4:50 (Traditional, arrangement by Rachel Harrington) (Tempo, style) The vocals are haunting and the jangly blues feel really works (under)? the best of Mr. Monroe. The idea to arrange this classic gospel track with “Old Time Religion” brings a fresh new female vocal take on a standard gospel number. (this needs a re-write)

7. Don’t Cry Blue 2:57 (Malcom McKinney, Castle Hill Music) (Tempo) Colorado bluegrass at it’s finest, this track falls right into that happy place we call “southwestern bluegrass,” just perfect for listening to while tooling down Route 66. Kit Simon sings lead with some serious harmonies provided by Greg Blake and Annie Savage, featuring award winning flat-picker Greg Blake’s lightening fast licks.

8. Ragtime Annie 2:28 (Traditional) (tempo) This twin fiddle number comes to us from Annie’s old picking grounds, Bethel Fiddle Camp in Bethel, Missouri. There, she and folks like Casey Driessen and a host of hot young fiddlers-to-be would listen as Missouri fiddlers Bob Holt, Delbert Spray and Pete McMahon played square dances by the hour as the mayflies danced all around the barn lights and folks from all over flooded in. Bethel Fiddle Camp still exists and inspired Annie to become a teacher herself. You know this is the Missouri version because we included the infamous C part!

9. High Road 2:31 (Tim O’Brien, Howdy Skies Music) (Tempo) Colorado bluegrass is a special brand of wide open bluegrass. Babbling streams and high peaks above give this one that special festival-friendly, folk meets bluegrass sound native to Colorado. Somehow, the mountains inspire folks to write some great songs and Tim O’Brien’s take on the Celtic flavored, “High Road” is no exception.

10. Rites of Man 1:02 (Traditional) (Tempo, style) The Savage Hearts band members are also music educators, and we teach about as much as we perform. We chose to feature a few fiddle students (Names) on this tune that immediately follows “High Road”. Nothing quite like being in the studio for the first time and we applaud their effort! The Savage Hearts teach through inspired performance!

11. Child’s Song 2:46 (Kevin Slick, NuVuDu Music) (tempo, style) This is a Kevin Slick original and he says,

“I wrote this several years ago about the passages we go through in life. The chorus says, ‘welcome to this family, you bring the hope of tomorrow’ but as I’ve gotten older I realize the song is also about aging ‘for a little while we’ll take your hand but someday we will follow’. This track features our own kids on the chorus. I guess having grown up around music and musicians has had an impact, they didn’t seem nervous in the studio and picked up the song quickly- they pretty much recorded everything in one take, sounding wonderful and then it was off to the candy store around the corner from the studio.”


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