Just consider Annie something of a fiddle expert.

-No Depression

Thank you so much for your excellent performance! You and your bandmates really shined!

-Lucy Smith (CBA suite manager at IBMA)

Annie Savage’s band proves how much joy we can get from not only listening to bluegrass music but becoming musicians ourselves to get in on the fun.

-Matthew Bjorke for Roughstock

Annie and The Savage Hearts did a fabulous job of engaging students from all ages of our string feeder area ­elementary through high school. The students and audience members loved the band’s performance and the high energy they brought to our concert! The students had so much fun learning new songs by rote and the pieces were well-arranged for a variety of levels of playing.

-Julie Nelson (Orchestra Director, Castle Rock High School)

Annie Savage is a star, great teacher, author and almost-done doctoral student.

-Bob Phillips

Annie’s goal is Total World Domination Through Vibrating Wooden Boxes

-Americana Rhythm

Annie is not only an experienced Wernick Method teacher (with lots of great feedback from satisfied students), she is a caring and talented person with the know-how to teach uncertain beginners as well as more experienced players.

-Dr. Pete Wernick (Hot-Rize/Wernick Method)

Annie Savage’s passion for her art glows with such fierce intensity that it isn’t surprising she’s drawn like-minded artists into her orbit. The remaining four members of her band The Savage Hearts include other teachers like herself and artists simmering with the same boundless desire to renew and preserve great forms of Americana music like bluegrass and western swing for future generations of musical artists.

–Vents Magazine
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