PhD Research

Annie is currently ABD and working on two research projects as a PhD candidate at the University of Iowa that explore the nexus between creative musicianship, cultural inclusiveness and the skill set required by the current music industry. The first, “Teacher Perspectives on Secondary General Music and Nontraditional String Ensembles”, is a quantitative survey design that explores what secondary general music classes are being offered, what skills are being taught in them and how previous experience creates a racial barrier for students who aspire to participate in music in middle and high school but are not able or invited to due to the cultural limitations, economic disparities, and expectations in traditional secondary large ensembles. 
Her second research project is called, “Director Perspectives on Barriers to Racial Equity in the Orchestra Classroom” and is a qualitative interview design that explores the barriers that students face in attaining access to instrumental string music classes and a comparison of the racial demographics within these string programs to the racial demographics of associated public school buildings. 
Annie plans to purse a dissertation that will examine the role of notation in large ensembles and it’s associated role in culturally responsive teaching as well as public school music programming and the skill set required by the music industry overall. 
You can learn more about her positionality and areas of research here:
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