Free Strings Project


What is the Free Strings Project?

The Free Strings Project is a free online curriculum for string players based on the nexus between creative musicianship, cultural inclusiveness and the skill set required by the current music industry.

With lessons and play along videos in basic technique, popular music, bluegrass fiddle tunes, world fiddle tunes and beginning jazz, the Free Strings Project seeks to provide students and educators alike with the tools and spark to improvise over simple chord changes using a variety of techniques. Contact Annie to set up individual lessons and teacher training. We are currently offering a hybrid teacher training class, which you can access HERE.

The Free Strings Project is dedicated to my former student Joshua Coyne, who practiced with an exceptional amount of dedication and artistry to become one of the finest violin students to have ever come out of the Cedar Rapids School District. He now plays all over the world and is currently based in New York City.

The Free String Project was designed by Annie Savage and Blake Shaw with videographer/engineer Ken Duncan. They were assisted by Iowa City Community School District Orchestra Directors Jon Welch, Megan Stucky and Kathryn Langguth Swinbank on the Basic Technique Module. Play along tracks feature Annie and Blake with musicians Craig Klocke, Daniel Padley, and Christopher Jensen.

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