Free Strings Project



What is the Free Strings Project?

The Free Strings Project is a comprehensive online curriculum for string players based on the nexus between creative musicianship, cultural inclusiveness and the skill set required by the current music industry.

With lessons and play along videos in basic technique, popular music, bluegrass fiddle tunes, world fiddle tunes and beginning jazz, the Free Strings Project seeks to provide students and educators alike with the tools and spark to improvise over simple chord changes using a variety of techniques.

Want the notation and training to use the method along with the videos? Get the whole package here:

The Free String Project began with a grant from the Iowa Arts Council. We are now working hard with Turnberry Records to present you with a comprehensive curriculum that combines online tools with notation and jam alongs to encourage all teachers regardless of training to teach creative string playing in their very own classrooms. Go to for the curriculum and as always- reach out to us with any questions at all!

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