PDF New Book – Join the Jam!


Join the Jam! A Method of Jamming for Traditional String Players (Special Promo edition contains the original Savage Fiddler Method as well!) 



Join The Jam!” expands on Annie’s first method book with a goal of giving string players a thorough understanding of thinking in terms of chords, back up and harmony parts; all in addition to teaching the licks and skills needed to play like a fiddler with authentic style and accurate technique. The book presents a variety of exercises and technique checks to guide the player in an easy, fun and interesting way. This second installment of the Savage Fiddler Method, “Join The Jam!” does for JAMMING what the Savage Fiddler Method did for PLAYING TUNES. 

“Jamming is the fine art of playing well with others on your instrument,” Annie says in the book’s introduction. “It is a critical thinking skill that is a cornerstone skill for the 21st century string player to know about in order to become a well-rounded player and mentor.”

The first part of the “Join The Jam!” book focuses on creating breaks out of the melodies of several jam friendly songs, understanding licks and plugging those licks into songs. Students are encouraged to begin to craft their own style of break (or solo). The second part of the book involves several ways of getting traditional string players to think in terms of chords, using arpeggios, twin parts and ensemble work.

This book is perfect for ALL string students AND THEIR TEACHERS! 

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