Lesson 4 – Modes of the Major Scale

Modes are a great way to use what you already know in a different context. If you know how to play a major scale, then you already know how to play all the modes based of that scale! In this lesson I go through how to find these modes and what makes them special. On the backing track you’ll hear my band playing a drone with no time from anyone. If you follow along you’ll hear that we go through each note of a C major scale. This is for you to go through each mode without having to focus on keeping your place. I’d like you all to play each note of the mode and really notice how it feels against the root note and atmosphere the band is supplying. You’ll find the times where the chords change listed on the lead sheet.

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“Annie and her band did a fabulous job of engaging students from all ages of our string feeder area ­elementary through high school. The students and audience members loved the band’s performance and the high energy they brought to our concert! The students had so much fun learning new songs by rote and the pieces were well-arranged for a variety of levels of playing.”

-Julie Nelson (Orchestra Director, Castle Rock High School)

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