Lesson 4 – Play it Again Sam…Now Change It!

The Zipper has quickly become our Favorite Song of All Time. Go it. Now. Try to stop. Oh Look! IT’S IMPOSSIBLE to stop playing this song! So, like the previous couple tunes, this one has some serious repetition in both the A part and the B part. In the A part, you play the same motif 4 times and then a slightly different one 3 times. Same deal as above but this time with melodic content. Try adding notes and repeating that pattern. Next, DON’T repeat it. Not even once! Which approach do you like? The B part is like, the coolest B part ever. Lots of options here!

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“Annie and The Savage Hearts did a fabulous job of engaging students from all ages of our string feeder area ­elementary through high school. The students and audience members loved the band’s performance and the high energy they brought to our concert! The students had so much fun learning new songs by rote and the pieces were well-arranged for a variety of levels of playing.”

-Julie Nelson (Orchestra Director, Castle Rock High School)

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