Lesson 1

Bile Them Cabbage Down: Notes on A


The first three tunes we learn will also incorporate learning the note names on each string. Even if you do not read music or plan to, this is a good opportunity to think about the note names and the concept behind them. A is a great way to start. One finger down on A is a B, High 2 (which is the next note) is a C sharp (Low 2 would be C) and three fingers down is D. The next note of course, is “E” with open E being the next high string over. Think about these note names as you play this exercise. Practice the rhythm eighth sixteenth-sixteenth, or familiar bluegrass rhythm”dow digga dow digga” on open strings, then begin to add left hand notes. Keep a nicely rounded LH shape when you add fingers, and place the LH thumb low on the neck in addition to keeping your wrist from supporting the weight of the instrument for optimum left hand shape.

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